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Main Benefits and Talking Points

  • Low barrier to entry for anyone who needs to visualize and test their ideas using their favorite presentation tool
  • Creating click-thru high fidelity user interfaces without having to learn design or coding
  • Using familiar tools to create prototypes quickly and cheaply
  • Using hyperlinks, animations and transitions in presentation tools enables making static interfaces fully dynamic and interactive with few clicks
  • High fidelity prototypes make it easy to win approval from managers and investors.
  • All components are designed from scratch in Keynote, PowerPoint and OpenOffice, making them fully editable and customizable without additional tools
  • Companion iPhone/iPad apps to preview and test prototypes
  • Compatibility with Adobe CS tools for importing graphics and importing screens, making the final prototype part of the production instead of throwing it away and starting from scratch in photoshop


What Is Keynotopia – A 90 Seconds Video

Video of an Interactive iPad Prototype Created With Keynote and Keynotopia

Logos and Screenshots

iPad Library Sample

iPhone Library Sample

Web 2.0 Library Sample

Android Library Sample

Windows 7 Phone Library Sample



BlackBerry Library Sample

Buzz and Testimonials

“Brilliantly cool way to use Keynote to create prototypes”

-Jared Spool, Founder at UIE

“I was shocked with the inventive but pragmatic application of Keynote as a prototyping tool for iPad!”

-Brandon Schauer, Creative VP at Adaptive Path

“I love Keynotopia prototyping templates. Used them to rapidly develop a fitness app as part of Phoenix Startup Weekend, and ended up winning the peoples choice and best presentation!”

-Matt Clower, iOS developer

“I work for a major corporation and my prototype consisted of over 150 slides. Keynotopia turned 60 days worth of work to 20. The executives loved the presentation and are contemplating implementing the app.”

–Shawn Smith, UX Designer

“Really loving the product. Well done! Just had very encouraging investment meeting based on prototype!”

-Kelly Tenkely, Mac Evangelist

“Get your kids to prototype a mobile app. With Keynotopia, no programming is necessary!”

-Alec Couros, Professor of Educational Technology & Media

About & Contact

Keynotopia is the brainchild of Amir Khella: entrepreneur, UX designer and startup advisor. He can be contacted here.