Master Class Outline

Video Training Master Class

Plan, Prototype and Test Your Apps Quickly & Cheaply Using Keynote

Learn the techniques that I used to design and prototype products for 13 startups in the past 3 years.

You’ll get so good at it that you’ll be able to prototype live with keynote sitting in a meeting room with your team, your clients or your users.

Who’s this master class for?

  • Developers: Learn core UX skills that help you plan and prototype simple and intuitive products.
  • Designers: Learn how Keynote can help you deliver killer product demos and win instant approval from managers and clients!
  • Entrepreneur: Validate and test your ideas on a shoestring budget, without technical cofounders or freelance designers
  • Instructors: Your students will love the fun techniques you share with them about creating web and mobile apps.

What you get

  • Video tutorials in online/downloadable format, divided into 15-minute actionable chuncks.
  • PDF eBooks and work sheets for all video sessions
  • Sample prototypes covering popular app scenarios that you can use to jump start your work

What you’ll learn

Each of the following questions will be answered with a 5-15 minute video, within the context of creating an end-to-end prototype for a sophisticated app. This is a preliminary list, and I am sure many more will arise while creating the prototypes and recording the videos.

  • Introduction to user experience and rapid prototyping
    • What makes a great user experience? What makes a great prototype?
    • What are the different kind of prototypes?
    • When to use static prototypes and when to use interactive ones?
    • When is it a must to create a functional interactive prototype?
    • What are the most common mistakes in prototyping?
    • How to convince a client/manager about prototyping before development?
    • How do you plan for prototyping in your software project? How does it fit in the [agile] product lifecycle?
    • At which point/stage should/must you prototype? When do you know that you need a prototype?
    • Should you think about the technical feasibility while prototyping?
    • Can prototypes limit the exploration of ideas? How to make sure it doesn’t happen?
    • What’s the sweet spot between fidelity and speed when creating prototypes?
  • Planning for your prototype
    • How do you identify key questions before creating the prototype?
    • How do you decide what gets prototyped?
    • What is the best starting point?
    • How much to show in a prototype? How much detail is too much detail?
    • How do you prevent yourself from doing more than what’s needed to get results?
    • What the best way to pre-plan and organize a prototyping project?
    • How do you think through user flow?
    • How to sketch your user interface and interaction on paper?
    • When do you stop sketching and start wireframing?
    • When do you skip wireframing and go directly into prototyping?
    • How do you track project’s progress? (Which screens are done and which ones remain)?
    • What checklist you must satisfy for your prototyping working to be a success?
  • Creating a complete app prototypes in Keynote
    • How does keynote compare to other wireframing and prototyping tools? When is it better?
    • How to quickly customize your workspace?
    • How to layout the interface design?
    • How to edit, resize and customize Keynotopia components?
    • How do you create your custom library of components?
    • How to design for multiple screen resolutions, sizes and orientations quickly without repeating the work?
    • How do you prototype a universal app for the iPhone or the iPad?
    • How to get around scrolling and display canvas limitation?
    • How to make keyboard shortcuts similar to Adobe products?
    • How do you handle changes in orientation from portrait to landscape?
    • How to decide which buttons to activate?
    • How to keep track of pages and links in a big app?
    • How to make global changes easily and quickly?
    • How to integrate existing PNGs and icons?
    • How do you import from Illustrator and Photoshop?
    • How to create advanced animations and transitions?
    • How to migrate from wireframe to grayscale to high fidelity with few clicks?
  • Documenting and sharing your prototype
    • Can prototypes work for functional specification and design communication?
    • How do you annotate a prototype so that you minimize project documentations?
    • How to share your prototypes online and offline?
    • What are the best methods to get feedback?
  • Presenting prototypes for maximum impact
    • At which part in the prototyping process do you usually involve others (clients, team members,…)?
    • How to talk someone through the prototype?
    • How to make your prototype demo well when you’re not the one giving the presentation?
    • When should you present it yourself, and when should you let others play with it?
    • How to quickly modify your prototype in a live meeting with clients or team members?
    • To what extent should you include the elements of the project’s identity or visual designs in your presentation?
  • Usability testing on a shoestring budget
    • At which part in the prototyping process do you involve users?
    • How to best engage users with early low fidelity prototypes?
    • How many users do you really need to get accurate results?
    • How to present prototypes to users? How to guide users to use the prototypes?
    • How to define your variables, measurements, and methods beforehand?
    • What methods can you use to usability test a mobile app prototype in progress?
    • How to run a post-test survey and follow up with users on their test tasks?
    • How do you know that you’re done?
  • Moving from prototyping into production
    • When is the right time to move from prototyping to production?
    • How much do you add to the prototype to make it a minimum viable product?
    • How can you reuse your prototypes in production to avoid redoing design work?
    • What are the best applications to use for production after leaving Keynote?
    • How to work between Keynote and Adobe products?
    • How to hand-off prototypes to developers?
  • Bonus: Prototyping using Keynote on the iPad