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Use PowerPoint or Keynote to create web and mobile apps – Cool!

Steve Blank,
Serial Entrepreneur

Brilliantly cool way to use Keynote to create prototypes.

Jared M. Spool
UI Guru and Founder, UIE

I was shocked with the inventive but pragmatic application of Keynote as a prototyping tool for iPad!

Brandon Schauer
Creative VP, Adaptive Path

An increasing number of designers are turning to Apple Keynote, to design and prototype applications.

Luke Wroblewski

We love prototyping for the iPad. What do we use? Interactive iPad prototyping using Keynote

UX Team

Crazy fast prototyping in Keynote. This method seems flexible enough for any sort of screen design.

Dave Shea

I built my prototype on Keynotopia in a little under an hour. The simplicity of it was amazing and, with a little help from Good Reader, I had a demo-ready prototype on my hands. If you’re an entrepreneur with an idea for an app, you need to get Keynotopia.

– Travis Oberlander, The Startup Cafe

Keynotopia templates really helped me visualize the website I’d like to build for my company, and I think it’s helped me move to the next stage in my business planning. I will be recommending it to everyone I know that is working on product development.

– Aaron Noparstak, Entrepreneur

Keynotopia Templates make it possible to design and prototype apps in minutes instead of hours. And all that in Keynote!

– Tina Roth Eisenberg, SwissMiss

Ever have an awesome idea for an iPhone app but don’t have the graphic design skills to build a good mockup to show off to potential partners? Well, put away your pencils and napkins and go check out

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

Products are worth far more than the price, with generous, helpful product support. A no-brainer purchase.

– Donald Hough, Entrepreneur

Terrific. Keynotopia templates were a lifesaver, for a project I was on deadline with.

– David S. Oxhorn, UX Designer

I’m excited to use Keynotopia. I’ve seen some of the other iPhone mockup frameworks and they are either too complicated, too expensive, or too boring looking for my purposes as compared to these templates.

– Gary Spiegel, Software Developer

You are really providing a very valuable resource for the UX community!

– Mark Ellis, Senior UX designer

I’m not a designer, but was able to come up with screen shots for a mobile product that we’re working on for both Android and iphone in just a couple of days; and everyone is blown away by them. I couldn’t have gotten Keynotopia prototyping templates at a better time.

– Arthur Bart-Williams, Cofounder/V.P. Consulting at Onyx Management Solutions

I created a prototype and amazed how quick my idea took shape and came to life – this will certainly impress my client!

– Anthony Mambot, Freelance designer

I bought the PowerPoint bundle after a long search for iPad fast prototyping tools, and I found it incredibly useful, given that I’m not even close to being a UI or UX designer. I put together an iPad prototype in about a day.

– Rami Al Kabra, Product Manager and Entrepreneur

And here are some “Twestimonials” from happy customers

I’m using @Keynotopia to create my app #prototypes. Be #lean, get #Keynotopia, and save a lot of time and money.

Sameer Dattu
Entrepreneur and Developer

My favorite wireframing tools are for Keynote. Yep, keynote. From Keynotopia.

Dee Sadler
Adobe Community Manager

Check out Keynotopia if you haven’t already. Super high quality

Tyler Koblasa
Founder of Mingly

Are you using keynotopia templates? They’re awesome.

Matt Locke
Director at StoryThing

My mockups now look awesome, thanks to @keynotopia. The tutorials rock if you are new to keynote.

Anand Rajaram

Tired of clients giving your crapy wireframes in powerpoint / keynote? Help them out with these amazing templates.

Shane Pearlman
Lead UX designer

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