Keynotopia 3.0: Royalty-free icons, pixel perfect UI components, and an ice cream sandwich

So we’ve been doing some crazy fast prototyping in Keynote and PowerPoint. But is it possible to also do final design just as fast? Can our prototypes be used directly in the final app?

With Keynotopia 3.0, the answer is YES.

The new update includes hundreds of new royalty-free icons and UI components, as well as thousands of existing components that have been redesigned from scratch to be the perfect size and color, which can be used directly into your mobile or web app without needing to hire designers or spend time redesigning your prototype in Photoshop or Fireworks.

Here are some screenshots from version 3.0:









You can see all the screenshots here.


With this version, the workflow is still fast and simple: create a slide for each interface screen, copy components and icons from a Keynotopia template onto your slides, then add hyperlinks to make the interface interactive. And don’t forget to use master slides to share frequently used components across all screens.

I’ve recorded a new version of my previous video on creating an iOS app prototype in under 30 minutes using the newest templates.


If you like to start your prototype with a wireframe, you can later use the magic shortcuts (CMD+ALT+C and CMD+ALT+V) to turn your wireframe into a final design with a few clicks, by copying and pasting styles from high fidelity components onto the wireframe ones. Here’s a quick video showing that magic trick (process works the same for Keynote and PowerPoint):


So what are the new updates in this version?

– 150 royalty-free toolbar icons in 6 different styles to use directly in mobile and web app prototypes/designs (yep, all these icons are vector shapes designed in Keynote and PowerPoint)

– Thousands of redesigned UI components (pixel-perfect for both size and color), and hundreds of new ones

– New templates for Android and BlackBerry tablets

– Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) UI components

– Facebook timeline

– iOS 5 UI for iPhone and iPad, including components for eBook, notification center, and Siri

– Twitter Bootstrap UI components, Facebook Connect, Twitter Connect, and DropBox connect

– Device frames for iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phone

As always, these updates are free for all exiting customers, and the latest version can be downloaded through the link in the original order confirmation email.

Don’t have Keynotopia templates yet? Get yours here.

With Keynotopia, Keynote and PowerPoint were transformed into awesome prototyping tools. And with Keynotopia 3.0, they also became your best design tools.

Happy Prototyping!