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Designed After Top Selling iOS Apps And Latest Design Trends


80% Of The Work Has Already Been Done For You!

Starter sketch

These are NOT random UI screens!

Over the past 3 months, I spent over 200 hours downloading hundreds of apps, looking at dozens of UI patterns and design inspiration websites, curating the most commonly used interface screens and latest design trends, and then re-designing those screens from scratch in Keynote and Powerpoint with a unified and customizable style.

This is my own Design Swipe File that I use to prototype my apps, and now you can use it for your apps as well!

Why You Should Use A Design Swipe File

  • You avoid making design mistakes by following tested and validated design patterns that already work
  • You save a lot of time you would otherwise spend going through dozens of apps and UI patterns sites to find design inspirations and latest trends (dozens of hours in my case)
  • You prototype your apps one screen at a time, instead of one UI component at a time.
  • You validate several prototypes in less time than it would normally take you to create a single one.

What’s Included In The Design Swipe File

The design swipe file contains 119 UI screens in Keynote and PowerPoint format, fully categorized, and fully customizable.

  • Login and Sign Up
  • eCommerce
  • Calendars
  • Photography and filters
  • News/Activity feeds
  • Weather
  • Comments
  • Menus
  • Search
  • Galleries
  • Profiles
  • Settings
  • Lists
  • Media
  • Sharing
Keynotopia is our favorite secret prototyping weapon!

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119 High-Fidelity Fully Editable Vector UI screens In Keynote and PowerPoint Formats, Including Login, Camera, Menus, Feeds, Galleries, Maps, eCommerce, and much more!