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5 Things I wish someone had told me about prototyping 5 years ago

For the past couple of years, I’ve been designing and prototyping Virtual and Augmented Reality apps. I’ve also been doing lots of research into how the gaming industry and movie industry do rapid prototyping and idea validation, and noticing the similarities and differences between how they they do it, and how we do it. Here […]

iOS 11 UI Prototyping Kit for Keynote and PowerPoint

We just put the final touches on the iOS 11 UI prototyping templates for Keynote and PowerPoint, and they are ready for download. This is a complimentary update for all our customers who have already purchased the iPhone UI Kit, the Keynote prototyping bundle, the PowerPoint prototyping bundle, or the Super Bundle. And if you […]

How To Create Product Requirements In One Hour or Less

One of the most boring and time consuming tasks in software development is creating product requirements. You spend endless days taking UI screenshots, writing up descriptions of what each UI control does, how users will interact with it, what kind of results the screens will show, and how the app will handle errors and edge […]

Web App Prototyping Kit for Keynote and PowerPoint [Free Update]

If you’re designing a web application, the fastest way to prototype and test your ideas is to put together quick screens in Keynote or PowerPoint and show them to users. This new web UI kit update contains ready-to-use customizable vector UI components and modules that you can use to prototype your web apps in minutes. […]

How To Create UI Animations With Keynote

This is a 20-minute timelapse video on how to use Keynote and Keynotopia to create interactive an UI animation using the native BUILDS feature in Keynote. The animation is from Storehouse iPhone app as featured on Capptivate. The original recording is over an hour long, and this time-lapse is played back at 4x speed (~18 […]

The Power Of A Design Swipe File

My best trick for becoming a a master-prototyper (I prototype dozens of apps every year) is that I spend a couple of hours every day browsing through the latest UI inspirations and design trends. I browse UI-patterns websites, I look at designers’ portfolios, I read design-related news, and I download top selling apps and play […]

Android L Material Design UI Kit For Keynote and PowerPoint

The folks at Google have done a fantastic job with their new Material Design for Desktop and Mobile. Today, we’re launching a new update for Keynotopia templates that includes hundreds of new UI components for designing Android apps using Material Design components with Keynote and PowerPoint. This is a complimentary update (Keynotopia comes with free […]

OS X Yosemite UI Kit for Keynote and PowerPoint

Apple’s new operating system is launching this Fall, and it is embracing a beautiful simplistic flat user interface style. We designed a new user interface toolkit for keynote and powerpoint to make it easy for you to create new apps for the Mac. This is a complimentary update if you’ve already purchased the Mac UI […]

FontAwesome Icons For Keynote and PowerPoint

This new update contains 439 icons from FontAwesome that can be used in your prototype and final web and mobile apps. The icons are provided as text and vector shapes in both Keynote and PowerPoint formats. The icons come as a complimentary update for Keynote Bundle, PowerPoint Bundle and Super Bundle (all three bundles include […]

Flat UI Design Templates For Keynote and PowerPoint

Flat design has gone from being a design trend to almost being a new standard, and it’s being adopted in most apps, operating systems and websites. To support flat design, we are releasing a new update to our web templates that includes hundreds of flat UI components and icons. This update is complimentary if you’ve […]

How To Design And Prototype User Interfaces Using Keynote on

Is it possible to create high fidelity UI mockups with Keynote on Mac AND Windows PC without having it installed on your machine? This quick post and video shows how you can design UI for your apps using Keynote on As you may already know, Apple shut down (which used to be great […]

Move Over, Origami : Here’s How To Prototype Facebook’s Paper iPhone App in 15 Minutes Using Apple Keynote

Facebook recently released their Paper iPhone app, along with Origami: a prototyping toolkit for Quartz Composer that they used to prototype that app. Origami and Quartz are great, but they can be too technical and complex for the average designer and entrepreneur to use. I took on the challenge of creating a quick prototype of […]

Keynotopia Mockup Templates 2.0 For Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint

It’s time for a new product update. This time, we went a little crazy and hand-sketched every single user interface component for web and mobile in vector format, and made it available as a free update for our Keynote and PowerPoint templates. This bundle contains over 2,500 hand-drawn vector UI components for iPhone, iPad, Android, […]

The Top Challenges Of 2,000 Designers, Entrepreneurs And Product Managers

Infographic URL permalink: Browse Keynotopia Templates Are you dealing with these challenges too? We will be launching a newsletter series to interview top designers, entrepreneurs and product managers how they solved these challenges. Subscribe below to get the best tips and tricks straight from the experts! Subscribe Here Did we miss any other challenges? […]

iOS 7 UI Design templates for Keynote and PowerPoint

Would you like to design iOS 7 apps instantly? Grab these iPhone UI templates or the iPad ones, which have been created entirely in Keynote and PowerPoint, and start putting together your interface in minutes. These are all vector shapes created from scratch in Keynote (also available for PowerPoint) and can be customized and edited […]